“We are the sowers---our children are those who reap.  We labor so that future generations can be better and nobler.”

--  Maria Montessori

History of Escuela Tlatelolco

Escuela Tlatelolco Centro de Estudios, currently a contract school of Denver Public Schools, was developed in the late 1960's to provide an alternative education for young Latinos-an education that would lead not only to academic proficiency, but would also instill cultural pride, confidence and developing leadership among Latino youth. While Student's purpose is to facilitate the development of successful Students, the ultimate goal is for young people to perceive education not only as the intellectual development of the individual for his/her personal benefit but as a social orientation and development process responsible for social change which will ultimately benefit the entire community.

Escuela Tlatelolco Centro De Estudios, a Colorado nonprofit corporation was incorporated March 12, 1971 in Denver, Colorado. In May 1978 Escuela Tlatelolco received a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service, recognizing its status as an organization exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

In 1970 its first year of operation the school had 250 Students K-12 and a staff of twenty located at 1567 Downing in Denver, Colorado. Over the span of twelve years the school expanded its program to include an Early Childhood Education program and a four-year college program on site accredited through Goddard College. Enrollment increased to 300 Students. In 1982, unable to continue providing the same level of tuition free services, the Board of Trustees approved the closure of the pre-K, elementary, and college components of the school and elected to move the high school to Servicios de La Raza in Northwest Denver. At that time the school had an enrollment of 40 Students with a staff of approximately four with a waiting list of 120 applicants for enrollment.

In September 1994, the Board of Trustees began the work to locate a building to begin the rebuilding of the school's original pre-K-12 continuum. The Board enlisted the services of a real estate agent and placed a contract on a school building in Northwest Denver. As part of the due diligence process an architect, project manager, and attorney were employed to review the potential site for compatibility and growth. In July 1995, Escuela purchased the old St. Dominic's elementary school, which provided 23,000 square feet to begin the process of rebuilding. A sound structure, $824,356 funds were raised to add a new elevator, fire alarm system, boiler, emergency lighting and the renovation of classrooms.

Following the purchase the Board initiated a fundraising and marketing campaign to recruit more Students to expand to five classes (5-12 grades). In 1995 enrollment was fifty-five Students.

Thirty-five years later, Escuela Tlatelolco stands as a beacon of hope in northwest Denver, the heart of Denver's Latino community. Tlatelolco has expanded its programs to include a variety of activities for children, youth and families,  The Secundaria Program, is a dual language approach for middle and high school students.  All programs run on a year-round schedule. Recognizing additional community needs.  in 2000 Escuela implemented El Centro Cuepopan, a continuing education program that provides educational opportunities and supportive services for 50 youth and 60 adults in the local community. Escuela Tlatelolco in 1999 added a new program for younger children in the community-Circulo Montessori. This dual-language Montessori pre-school program serves 55 children ages 3-5. The program is the foundation of Escuela's new Montessori Elementary program, which now serves 12 children 1st and 2nd year Students in its first lower elementary classroom. Over the next three years Escuela will build out two more elementary classrooms to serve an additional 42 Students. Together, Escuela's comprehensive programs provide educational opportunities for learners of all ages-increasing the skills, knowledge and potential of the entire community. Enrollment is expected to expand to 219 by the year 2004 for the regular school programs and 150 children and adults for the community programs with completed renovations.

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